Staff Training

I believe that Funeral Directors and other professionals can provide their families with a more meaningful and comforting experience when they have been trained in modern approaches to grief, rituals, and with advanced relationship building skills. My philosophy emphasizes the professional role of Funeral Directors as they educate and comfort families.

To accomplish this, Funeral Directors must have advanced knowledge and training in:

  • Exceptional relationship building skillsseminar
  • Knowledge about common grief myths
  • Common symptoms of grief (emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual)
  • Signs of significant psychological distress (i.e., when professional mental health services are needed)
  • What to expect following a death
  • Reactions to specific losses (e.g., death of a child, parent, sibling, spouse, etc.)
  • Special considerations of traumatic loss (e.g., homicide, suicide, accidents, etc.)
  • Different grieving styles

This information can help Funeral Directors:

  • Provide more comfort and empathy for their families
  • Offer more personalized and meaningful services
  • Prepare families to take full advantage of grief rituals (e.g., funerals, private viewings, etc.)
  • Educate families about the most common grief myths
  • Understand families’ unique grief processes
This does not mean that Funeral Directors should become grief therapists or should be responsible for their families’ long-term grief needs. (Although Funeral Homes may choose to offer after-care options that would assist with their families’ long-term grief needs.) However, I believe that Funeral Directors who have advanced knowledge about grief can better serve their families throughout pre-need, at-need, and aftercare.

Training Topics

I offer a variety of different training seminars for funeral professionals including:
  • Educating Families on the Value of Funerals
  • Why Funeral Professionals Must be the Grief Experts in their Community
  • Myths of Grief
  • Empathic Listening & Building Relationships
  • Children, Grief, & Funerals
I provide discounts for multiple workshops.
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Dr. Jason Troyer

I'm a psychology professor, former counselor, grief researcher, speaker, and consultant for businesses who want to better serve grieving families. Read More…

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