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never-ending-lovejpgA great way to demonstrate your expertise to your community is to provide interesting and comforting information about grief and funeral services. I can provide you with 24 articles on engaging grief topics that will attract readers and promote sharing and social media engagement. These articles are matched to the calendar year (2 per month) and include relevant articles for major holidays (e.g., Mother’s Day, preparing for the Christmas/Holiday season, etc.).
All of the articles are the ideal length for print and social media. I have written them to present grief and funeral-related topics in an informative, supportive, and hopeful way. The content of the articles includes topics such as:
• The Truth about the Stages of Grief
• Eternal Ties to the Deceased
• Mother’s Day after Mom is Gone
• Psychological Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral
• Finding Hope: Grieving During the Holidays
 These articles can be used in multiple print and online mediums including newspaper columns/advertisements, blogs, and social media sites.


Newspaper Columns

The articles can be included in a paid advertisement for your business. While newspaper subscriptions have declined over time, they are still read by funeral homes’ key demographic – older adults. Click here to see an example of how an article can be embedded into a newspaper column advertisement that will draw readers’ eyes.


Your Blog

Many funeral homes and cemeteries have the option of a blog as part of their website package. It can be challenging and time-consuming to develop content that will be engaging, yet not too depressing. My articles will help boost the readership of your blog by discussing important topics with a hopeful message.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Virtually all funeral and cemetery businesses are using social media to engage and inform their customers. Similar to blogs, it is difficult to find appropriate content for these sites. My articles provide meaningful articles that promote discussion, engagement, and sharing of content. Place the articles on your blog, share them on your Facebook site, and encourage your community to share the links with others!


Ordering the Articles

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